Disability Audit Survey

Disability Audit Survey

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phone UK:0161 818 4683   phone US:408 890 2192

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Disability Audit Survey


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Disability Audit Survey

Disability Audit Survey

Our pre-built survey is scalable for stockholders with a few hundred properties to many thousands - and best of all it is very affordable and customisable. Knowing the diverse needs of your industry, we can confidently deliver a survey tailored to your exact requirements.

Our survey is a comprehensive and configurable survey for planning including lifecycle year plans and component accounting. Suitable for facilities management companies, housing associations, registered social landlords, local authorities, housing contractors and independent surveyors.

  • Take Control. You have full control over your survey question set through to report production. A schedule of rates is included in the software that you can adjust to reflect your own local costs.
  • Save Time. Eliminate costly manual data entry. Collect data on-site using mobile devices such as Android tablets and smart phones. Produce those important business reports in seconds, such as 5-year and 30-year property, component and element plans.
  • Improve Quality. Be assured that your data is consistent, accurate, and complete. Errors are eliminated by collecting data on site. The database component in the software lets you verify and validate data.
  • Ease of Ownership. Easy to install and configure. Avoid expensive consultancy costs when integrating with existing systems. Export your data to your high-end housing management system or to Excel pivots tables and graphs.

Who Uses Our Survey?

A diverse range of clients in the built environment use our mobile stock condition survey system, a testament to the flexibility of our solution.

  • Housing Contractors reduce costs by collecting data on-site with our mobile solution, then converting this into useful information, helping collaboration with housing partners.
  • Registered Social Landlords and housing associations can combine the various templates to suit varied housing stock needs.
  • Local Authorities benefit from the openness of a system that integrates with existing Housing Management Systems.
  • Independent Surveyors benefit from the flexibility of the survey design system, resulting in a better service to clients and a greater competitive advantage.

For a demonstration on your desktop, or a no strings attached evaluation simply contact us using the form on this page to discuss your requirements. The software is installed in seconds.

Download PS Mobile for FREE from the App Store to try over 30 ready-to-go professional surveying templates. No login in required, just download and start experimenting.

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If you want an online demonstration of our systems, please get in touch and we can show you the whole end-to-end system on your own desktop screen over the Internet.

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Disability Audit Survey