PocketSurvey is a comprehensive survey data collection system featuring modern Android mobile data collection along with a database and reporting system. You use the PS Cloud Sync desktop software to transfer data between your mobile devices and your desktop PC.

PS Cloud is an integrated PocketSurvey tool that enables (via the internet) the synchronisation and transfer of data between desktop and android devices.

With an Internet connection, you can send your all survey files (i.e. building lists) to your android device using the PS Cloud.

In the PS Data Manager, select the Sync button on the main toolbar. This will launch the PS Cloud sync tool.

In PS Cloud, select the Send Files tab.

Click the Send button (bottom right) and wait for confirmation that your survey and files have sent.

Tip: Note the Send To area. Your training ID should appear here. If you need to change which mobile device you are sending to click in the Send To Area. A dialog will pop up allowing you to select from a list of licensed users.

Tip: The Survey to Send tab should read PS Housing, the current survey. Click the Survey to Send area if you wish to send a different survey.

Tip: You can apply a message in the Message input area, if only to verify your send when receiving data on your Android device.

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