How to How to Build a Report
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  1. Open the Data Analyst using the Statistcs | Analyst Menu or clicking the Analyst Button
  2. Create a new report by choosing the New Script option in the Report Script Menu

  1. Give your new report a name and description by entering the Details in the Title and Description area.

  1. Next choose the Field Names (data items) you would like to report on by clicking in the X or Y-axis field area. Choose the appropriate field name from the drop-down menu.


You can report on more than one Data item by inserting a different field name into the X or Y-axis boxes.

  1. Now you have chosen what you would like to report on you need to specify how your Data will appear and how the statistics will be displayed. This is done in the statistics box. For a more detailed explanation of each choice please see Chapter 9: Statistics.

  1. Define how if you would like your report displayed as a Web page (XHTML), Word Document (MS Word) or Excel document (MS Excel)

  1. You are now ready to display your Report. Click the Show Report button to display your report.

  1. Your report will now be displayed in the format you chose. Here is an example of a report displayed as a web page:

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