Chapter 1: Introducing PS Data Doctor

PocketSurvey Data Doctor is the easiest and most flexible survey reporting system that you will ever use. It is the perfect complement to the PocketSurvey data collection system.

Produce precise, informative reports in less than a dozen lines of code. Did we say CODE? If that puts you off then use our Report Generator to produce the report template for you!

Report Generator

PocketSurvey is so powerful it can produce its own report specification.

Report templates can be produced by anyone - no knowledge of databases, programming, or any IT skills are required. Simply answer a few questions about what kind of report you would like and then let PocketSurvey Reporter do the rest. In minutes you have a report program that would take days to produce by any other means.

Interactive Reports

No need to make your reports fixed and prescriptive. PocketSurvey Data Doctor has features that allow users to decide each time they request a report exactly what they want in the report and how they want it to look. End-user reporting has never been this easy!

No lock-in

Most other data capture and reporting systems consume your data and never let you have it back. There is usually no technical reason for this - the motivation is not only to capture your data but also to capture you!

We at PocketSurvey believe that this is unethical. ALL data produced and used by PocketSurvey systems are available in commonly used standard formats, e.g. CSV and XML, allowing you to migrate and use other systems when you decide - not us.

Ongoing R & D

PocketSurvey development never stops. Our Research and Development team works day and night to make life easier for you. When was the last time you had an update from any of your present system providers (that wasn't simply a bug fix!)?

Communication Technologies are developing more rapidly today than at any time since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone (then realised he had to invent another one so that he could call someone). There are dozens of new uses of remote communications that make mobile working more productive than ever - we constantly review, test, and filter emerging technologies to continue producing the best and most durable data collection and reporting system available anywhere.

Chapter Contents

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