Analyst Options Buttons
Appendix A: Purchasing Data Doctor
Appendix B: Support for Data Doctor
Appendix C: License and Limited Warranty
Appendix D: How to Contact Handheld Systems Ltd
Appendix E: Tips, Traps & Other Information
Child Data
Command Line
CSV Files
Data Output
Data | Copy
Data | Cut
Data | Delete
Data | Field Names
Data | New Record
Data | Paste
Editing CSV Files
Export |  CSV - Selected
File | New
File | Open File
File | Recent Files List
File | Save
File | Save As
File | Systems Editor 
General Information
Graph Summary
Help | About PS Data Doctor
Help | Purchasing
Help | Support
Help | User Manual
How this Manual is Organised
How to Build a Report
Installing PS Data Doctor on your PC
New to PS Data Doctor
Parent Data
Purchasing PS Data Doctor
Removing PS Data Doctor
Scripts Menu
Settings | Show Tips
Settings | Support Reminder
Shortcut Keys
Statistics | Analyst...
Statistics | Edit...
Statistics | New Script
Statistics | Run...
Support for PS Data Doctor
System Requirements
The Menu Bar
The Toolbar
Types of Report you can Create
Typographical Conventions
Upgrading to a New Version
Useful Reference Material
What is PS Data Doctor?
X-axis Fields
Y-axis Fields