Installing PS Data Doctor on your PC
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The set-up program (DATADOCTOR.EXE) will copy the required files to your hard disk and configure your system. It is a good idea to close all running Windows applications before running the set-up program.

You can run the set-up program from the PS Data Doctor CD or from your hard disk if you have downloaded it from the Internet. Installing PocketSurvey is easy; simply follow the on screen instructions presented by the installation program.

Green Installation

The PS Data Doctor installation is known as a 'green' installation. This means that it will not place files anywhere other than in its own directory, nor will it add programs to your Windows folder. This means that should you choose to remove PS Data Doctor from your system you will not have any redundant files remaining on the computer.


For ease of re-installation PS Data Doctor adds a few lines to a file called WIN.INI but this will not harm your system.

Using PS Data Doctoron a Network

PS Data Doctor is designed so that it can be installed on a network server in any desired folder and shared by several users if required. Users can choose where they store their questionnaire files, and to prevent others inadvertently loading or overwriting their files this could be in a private data area on the server or on the user's own hard or floppy disk. If you are unsure of how you could use PS Data Doctor on your network, you should speak to your network manager or contact Handheld Systems for advice.

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