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An incoming record is considered to be a duplicate if the Identifier field matches with a record already in the database. In this case PocketSurvey Reporter will replace fields in the older record with certain fields from new one according to the following rules:

1. If the existing field has a value and the new field is empty then the existing field will be retained. 2. If the existing field is empty and the new field has a value then the new field's value will be used. 3. If both the existing and the new field have values then the new field's value will replace the old one.

This is summarised in the table below:

New Field

Has Value


Old field

Has value

Old value replaced by new

Old value kept


New value used

No change

A copy of the old record will be appended to a file with a name of the general form: <survey name>#<parent name>.CLASH. The CLASH file contains records in CSV form.

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