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The Statistics area, highlighted below, lets you choose how you want to display your data on the report.


When looking at 2 or more fields using the X and Y axis fields it is best to keep the Statistics display to just one option: eg Count. This makes the report much neater and easier to read.

Statistics Type Box

By clicking in the statistics box area the Statistics Type box will pop up. This gives you options of how you data will be displayed in the report. A more detailed explanation of each function is listed below:

General Buttons


Inserts the field into the Y-axis box


Modifies the currently selected field in the x-axis box and replaces it with the field you chose from the drop-down menu


Deletes the field from the Y-axis box


Cancels the field box.

Statistic Type Choice

By clicking in the box shown by the (red arrow) a drop down menu will appear which will enable you to choose how your data will be displayed in the report. Below is a more detailed explaination of each option:


The Total divided by Count.


Displays a count of the number of records.


The maximum value for the given field


The minimum value for the given field


Displays the count as a percentage

Std Deviation

The square root of variance.


Displays the total numerical result for the given field.


The sum of squares of deviations from the mean.


For the total and average options to work your field's must contain numerical data and not written text.

Numerical Display Choice

By changing the number (shown by the red arrow) you can choose as to how many numbers appear after the decimal point.

Statistic Display Choice

By clicking the box, shown by the red arrow, you can choose wether your data is displayed numerically (in numbers) or as bars (like a bar chart)

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