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PocketSurvey is a highly effective tool for collecting and reporting on survey data using Androidn phones and tablets. PocketSurvey offers a flexible survey database and professional reporting system that covers all of the requirements of Housing Associations, RSLs, Local Authorities, and Surveying Practices. With PocketSurvey, you can have customised surveys of any size or any complexity.

The PS Data Manager is the easiest and most flexible survey database and reporting system that you will ever use. It configures itself automatically to the survey design you are using.

The software suite includes a program called the PS Data Doctor which allows the editing of control files.

The PS Mobile component helps you collect information away from the office on Android devices.

PS Developer Module

If you have purchased the PS Developer module that enables you to write your own surveys, please contact us to obtain the PS Developer tutorial help file, training video and example survey exercises.

Survey Modules

Contact us is you want us to write a survey module for you, or if you want to purchase one of our standard modules such as: PS Condition, PS Housing, PS Maintenance, PS Energy, PS DDA, PS Asbestos, PS Schools, PS NHS and PS Voids.

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