Action Bar Interface Buttons
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The Interface buttons on the Action Bar main menu provide the user with unique menus orientated around different  interfaces; SQL, Email and FTP.

SQL Interface

The SQL Action Bar provides the user with a menu of SQL related functions and actions.

Manage SQL Connection

Provides a list of settings that allows you to manage your SQL connection. Includes settings for Server Type, Server Instance, Database Name, User Name and Password.

SQL Rules File

Allows you to view / edit the SQL rules file.

Create Tables

Allows you to edit SQL statement in order to create tables.

Trigger Templates

Allows you to edit or recreate trigger templates that allow you to create templates which in turn update tables in your database from the basic update tables.

Export View Data to SQL

Exports the data in the current view to SQL.

Web Database

Launches our online database.

Email Interface

The Email Action Bar provides the user with a menu of Email related functions and actions.

Email Settings

Provides a menu of settings that allows you to setup your email details. Includes options for setting the Mail Server, User Name, Email Log File and many more...


Allows you to edit your email contacts file (CSV).

Email Files

Runs email export files and reports

Send Test Email

Sends a test email to the address specified in the Email Settings.

View Email Log File

Opens the Email log file.

FTP Interface

The FTP Action Bar provides the user with a menu of FTP related functions and actions.

FTP Sites

Opens a CSV file allowing you to add/edit/delete any FTP sites available to you.

Send File Over FTP

Send files via FTP.

Explore FTP Site

Opens your FTP site allowing you to explore its contents.

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