Appendix B: Folders & Files
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Computers are confusing at the best of times. Windows and Windows programs tend to dump files all over your system without any consideration to your wishes!

PocketSurvey adheres to the 'Green Installation' convention and neatly organises all the folders and files required in one location. This chapter will make you aware of the folders and files used by PocketSurvey. This will improve your understanding of the PocketSurvey system.


We strongly recommend that you create your own surveys in the SURVEYS folder or at least in a separate folder with no other PocketSurvey files.

System Folder

The default location for the PocketSurvey folders and files is "C:\Program Files\Pocketsurvey". This is referred to as the System folder.

If you wish, you can change this default location to any folder name of your choice when you install the software. Some of the main types of files stored in this folder are shown below.




Various configuration data. menu and screen texts.

*.exe. *.dll

Desktop and mobile program files.


The online user manual and other help files.

*.err *.messages

Error messages and warnings.


Report formatting information.


Miscellaneous text files and information


Created when a questionnaire survey design is sent to a handheld computer. This file is then transmitted your handheld computer..

Working Folder

You can store your survey designs anywhere that you choose on your desktop computer. Whichever folder you decide to use will be referred to as the Working folder. The types of files stored in this folder are shown below.




Contains questions for your survey. It is the questionnaire design but not the answers.

The answers are stored and other files are all stored the Individual Questionnaire folder, see below.

Individual Questionnaire Folder

A questionnaire design a file has the file extension '.Q' and contains the design information for your questionnaire. As well as this file, PocketSurvey will also creates a folder within the Working folder with the same name as the design; this is referred to as the Questionnaire or Survey folder.

This Questionnaire folder is used to store reports, data collection results and all other peripheral files relating to a survey design. The types of files stored in this folder are shown below.




Created when you save any modifications to an existing survey design. It is a copy of the previous version of your survey.


Contains collected data received from your handheld computer or handheld simulator.


Data file specifications for you database programmer.


Visit list or a list of respondents or jobs to be surveyed. This file is normally sent to your handheld computer. You create this file. It is a special 'lookup' file for Question 0


When VISITLIST.csv has been sent to the handheld computer or simulator it is renamed as an numbered archive file. This is to prevent accidental re-sending and to provide a log of work scheduled.


Generated reports in HTML format

Other Folders

Other folders used are described below.


The best way to use the examples and templates is to open them and save as a different name in your own folder, such as the folder named Surveys. This way the example and sample files remains intact.

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