Backing Up Data Exercise
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Notes: Backing Up Data Exercise

You are going to learn how to create backup files of your database and how to replace your existing database with the previously saved backup.

  1. Click the Backup button on the PS Data Manager Toolbar or alternatively select Tools | Backup from the PS Data Manager Menubar.
  2. Your data will be exported as CSV files to your PocketSurvey | Backup folder.

When your backup is complete you will be prompted by an information popup. Click OK.

  1. Select Tools | Open Survey Folder from the PS Data Manager Menubar.

This will open your PocketSurvey folder in Windows Explorer.

  1. Open the Backup folder.

Within the Backup folder you will notice a pair of CSV files created on the specific date that you backed up your database.

These files allow you to restore your database to your backed up database at any time.

  1. Close the Survey Folder and return to the PS Data Manager.
  2. Alter your current database by deleting the Weather value for the top property record in your database. Double click this cell, delete its contents and click 'OK'.
  3. You can restore your current database to its backed up state.

Select Data | DataBase Operations | Restore from the PS Data Manager Menubar.

  1. The Database restore warning will ask you to confirm that you want to replace the existing database with the previously backed up one. Click Yes.
  2. Your database has now been restored to the backup that you created. Notice that the Weather value you deleted has now returned.

Congratulations you have learnt how to backup and restore your database.

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