Building your own Visit List Exercise
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Notes: Building a Visit List Exercise

In this exercise you are going to edit an existing visit list in order to add some properties of your own

  1. Delete all of the existing records in the table. Either hold the Ctrl key and press 'a' to select all of the table data, or alternatively select the top record and click the bottom record whilst holding the shift key.

Select 'Delete' from the right click menu to delete all of the highlighted data.

  1. You can now begin to build up your own list of properties.

Enter "1" into the top UPRN field.

  1. Fill in the address details for this first property in the top row of the PS Data Doctor.
  2. You can now duplicate the property you have entered.

Duplicate records can be edited with the details of other properties in your housing stock.

  1. Right click the top property record and select "Copy" from the right click menu.
  2. Right click in the row beneath this and select "Paste" from the right click menu.
  3. All properties in your database must have a unique UPRN value.

Replace the UPRN value for the second property in your table with the value, "2".

  1. You can return to this table at anytime and continue to add / remove properties using these methods shown.

Click the 'Save' button to save the modified table.

Congratulations you have learnt how to edit a visit list and enter properties into the PS Data Doctor.

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