Column Filtering
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If you click on any column heading in your database you are prompted with a filter menu.

Here you can sort the column to display data in Ascending or Descending order as well as remove all sort order for that column or all filters for that window. Two other features in this menu are the Column Filter and Flood Fill.

Column Filter

The Column Filter can be used to similar effect as the Viewbar. You simply select which database elements you want to filter your data on from the Filter dialog (as shown below). Therefore the data shown is specific to the selected elements.

Flood Fill

The Flood Fill feature allows you to overwrite all data in a column with a given value.

To use Flood Fill, highlight all of the columns in the database you want to fill. Click on the column field heading you want to flood fill and select Flood Fill. Now enter the data you want to add to all of the highlighted cells in that column and click ok.

Multiple Column Sorts

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