Creating a Visit List Exercise
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Notes: Creating a Visit List Exercise

You are going to create a visit list from the selected records in a database.

Before the surveying begins, building references and address information from selected records in a database can be transferred onto a Pocket PC.

  1. Select 'Not Surveyed' from the viewbar so that the database will only display the records that have not yet been surveyed
  2. Select a few properties in the database. Hold the Ctrl key as you click to select a number of individual records
  3. Select the menu option Export | Export Selected to Visit List. This will export the selected properties to a holding place, ready for sending to the Pocket PC by the PS Survey Manager'
  4. The Visit List file will now be displayed in the PS Data Doctor. Close this file down, as you should not need to make any changes
  5. Notice that the view in the Data Manager has changed to 'Current Visit List'. Now only the records you exported to the visit list should be on display in the database.
  6. Click the Main Menu button on the Action Bar and select the Survey Operations menu option.
  7. Send your survey to your Pocket PC by selecting 'Send Survey | Handheld'.
  8. You will be prompted to select address details from a series of menus that match your exported visit list.

Congratulations you have created a visit list that displays the address information for selected properties in a database.

Learn how to Edit a Visit List.

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