Cross Tab Report Exercise
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Notes: Creating a Cross Tab Report

You are going to create a cross tab report that forecasts the future refurbishment costs of all of the surveyed properties in a database. The report should display the refurbishment cost for each property per year.

  1. Select a view of 'Surveyed' from the viewbar so that the database will only display surveyed data
  2. Right click in the database and launch the Cross Tab Wizard
  3. We want to display each surveyed property's address on the vertical axis. Select 'Address'
  4. We want to display the refurbishment year on the horizontal axis. Select 'Refurb Year'
  5. Display the refurbishment cost where the two axis meet by selecting 'Refurb Cost'
  6. There is no need to group the data as we are already displaying each property address on the vertical axis. Select to group by 'NONE'.

Congratulations you have produced a custom cross tab report that displays the cost of refurbishment for each property over a 60 year period.

Now try experimenting with other cross tab reports by yourself.

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