Editing Records Exercise
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Notes: Editing Records Exercise

You are going to learn how to edit records in your database.

  1. In the PS Data Manager, double click on the top Property ID in your database.
  2. The Property ID dialog will pop up

Edit the current value by typing "Test" into the Property ID input area. Click 'OK'.

  1. You will be prompted with the Change of identity warning message. Click 'Yes'.

Each Property ID has dependant data. We will now edit the Weather value in the same record to show that it was raining whilst the property was surveyed.

  1. Double click the Weather value for the top record.
  2. Select 'Raining' from the drop down list.

The list in the Weather dropdown box is populated with all of the entered values in that column.

The same applies to any column in your database. Click 'OK'.

  1. Make sure the top record is selected in the top window pane.

The bottom window pane details specific Items associated with the selected record in the top window pane.

  1. Double click the value 'Alternative Wall' in within the Item column in the bottom window pane.
  2. Select the drop down menu to display a menu of all the Items surveyed within this property.
  3. Choose any other value from the drop down menu and click OK

You will notice a 'Question heading change' error message pop up restricting you from changing the Item name.

The Item name is the one column in your database that cannot be edited. There are too many questions that refer to each Item i.e. the description, condition, lifespan etc.

Changing the Item name would only confuse your database.

Congratulations! you have learnt how to edit records in your database.

The Form view is also useful for editing your collected data in a fast and efficient manner. See Using the Form View.

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