Using Find/Replace Exercise
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Notes: Using Find/Replace Exercise

You are going to use the Find/Replace function to locate and replace items of data within a database.

  1. Select 'Surveyed' from the viewbar
  2. Right Click in the database area of the PS Data Manager to bring up the Right Click Menu
  3. Select the first menu item, 'Find/Replace'
  4. We want to replace all the instances of a particular Tenant in the database. Enter "Norma Frean" in the Find What input area
  5. The Scope area displays all of the property fields in the survey. Here you can select which property fields your search will look through. To ensure a thorough search, click the 'Tick All' button
  6. The Options menu allows you to specify whether or not you want your search to be case sensitive or look for whole words only
  7. Click Find/Next to begin the search

The database has switched to a Form view and you can see a record with the Tenant Name 'Norma Frean' highlighted

  1. We want to replace the Tenant with a new name. Enter the name "Laura Palmer" into the Replace With input area. Click Replace
  2. A pop up menu will ask you to confirm this action. Click OK
  3. Click the Change All button to carry out this action on all the instances of "Norma Frean" within the database
  4. The Change All dialog will inform you of the number of replacement changes made to the database. Click OK
  5. Click the Close button to close the Find/Replace dialog
  6. Select the view 'Tenant' from the viewbar

Take a look the Different Tenant Names in the database. All instances of 'Norma Frean' have been replaced with the name 'Laura Palmer'

Congratulations you have learnt how to use the Find/Replace feature to replace a recurring instance of data in a database

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