Introducing PocketSurvey

PocketSurvey is an easy and effective tool for collecting survey data on Pocket PC handheld computers. With this system you can configure various aspects of your survey by editing the control files (called 'lookup's) with the included PS Data Doctor editor.

Internet Enabled

The Internet option in PocketSurvey allows you to transfer information between your desktop and any number of Handheld computers via the Internet. This means that you can send surveys and receive data results to and from your mobile workforce while they are out in the field.

PS Data Manager. Provides a central location in which to store your survey data. Predefined views allow you to focus on different aspects of the data. Includes professional business reports for you and your clients.

PS Data Doctor. Allows the editing the configuration files stored as CSV files. Using PS Data Doctor to edit tables is similar to using Microsoft Excel, but is simpler to use.

The steps of managing surveys, collecting data and analysing information can be undertaken by non computer experts allowing you more time for management of your business. If you do not have a suitable Handheld computer you can use the handheld simulator built into PocketSurvey to see how the whole process works.

Developer Edition

The more advanced Developer Edition of PocketSurvey gives you more control by allowing you to design your own surveys from beginning to end.

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