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The Export procedure generally transfers data from your database to an external source.

Exported data is typically exported into CSV or handheld DATA format.

Export | CSV - Selected

Selecting Export | CSV - Selected exports the highlighted record/s in your database into a comma seperated value (.CSV) document. Data is viewed/edited on a spreadsheet in the PS Data Doctor by default.

Export | CSV - Full

Selecting Export | CSV - Full exports the entire database into a spreadsheet viewable in the Data Doctor by default. Data can also be viewed in Microsoft Excel.

Export | DATA - Selected

The Export | DATA - Selected menu option exports the selected records in your database to your handheld device.

Export | Bottom View

The Export | Bottom View menu option exports all of the files associated with the selected parent record in the bottom window view in the PS Data Doctor as a .CSV spreadsheet.

Export | Folder

Selecting Export | Folder opens the Export folder in your PocketSurvey folder. This is where your externally referenced files are stored.

Export | Merged View

The Export | Merged View menu option generates a merged spreadsheet view of both the parent and child data in the PS Data Doctor. Data from both the top and bottom windows in the Data Manager will be merged into an editable spreadsheet.

Export | Multisheet

Selecting Export | Multisheet launches a multisheet Excel document that automatically displays your data on seperate spreadsheet pages.

Export | Top View

The Export | Top View menu option exports all of the parent record data displayed in the top window view into the PS Data Doctor as a .CSV file.

Export | Wizard

Selecting Export | Wizard allows you to select an export list and edit it as a .CSV file.

Export | Selected to Visit List

The Export | Selected to Visit List menu option exports the highlighted record/s to a visit list where they can later be summoned on a the handheld device. This is an efficient method of sending data to the PS Mobile.

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