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The Help menu has options for launching the online user manual, the online tutorial, support information, purchasing information, and general information about the PocketSurvey program.

You can learn more about each Help menu option in this chapter.

Help | User Manual

The Help | User Manual menu option launches a modern style online user manual that is the new standard for Windows programs. When you need information or guidance the online user manual should provide you with the information you require.

Help | Send to Support

The Help | Send to Support menu option launches a web based support form allowing you to notify the PocketSurvey Support team of your problem. Support requests are usually processed within 24 hours.

Help | Receive from Support

The Help | Receive from Support menu option receives any improvements or fixes required by your survey.

Help | Support

The Help | Support menu option launches the section the manual showing you how contact us. The faster way to contact us is by e-mail or the Send to Support option.

Help | Purchasing

The Help | Purchasing menu option launches the section the manual showing you how contact us if you wish to purchase additional licenses for the program.

Help | About . . .

Clicking the Help | About menu option displays general information about PocketSurvey. Includes latest version information. If you need to report a problem with PocketSurvey you should quote the Build Number shown on the bottom left of the about screen. If you wish to visit the PocketSurvey web site click on the link shown in blue.

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