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The Import procedure generally brings new records into your database.

Any new records that are added to your database will also be appended to two history files. These files have names of the general form <survey name>#<parent name>.HISTORY and <survey name>#<child name>.HISTORY. HISTORY files contain records in CSV form.

Import | Merge

The Import | Merge menu option imports the most recently collected data from the PS Mobile into your database. Whilst doing this it checks for duplicate records; these are reconciled with existing data in one of two ways, depending on whether the data is from the parent file or the child file.

Any changes to the survey structure could result in newly imported data being incompatible with the existing database.

Import | Overwrite

The Import | Overwrite menu option overwrites all existing data in the current database with matching identifiers. The previous set of overwritten data can be recovered through Data | DB Operations | Restore.

Import | Recover Deletions

Selecting Import | Recover Deletions merges data that has been deleted on the PS Mobile into the existing database. Overwrites only blank fields in the parent record.

Import | Folder

The Import | Folder menu option opens the Import folder where you are prompted to import data.

Import | Wizard

Clicking Import | Wizard prompts you to import an external wizard .CSV file into your database.

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