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The Reports menu offers a number of professional reports that help document your questionnaire designs and check the results of data collected through a survey.

Each report is in HTML format and is viewed on screen through your web browser for subsequent printing. You can learn more about each report option in this chapter.

Reports | Custom Reports

The Reports | Custom Reports menu displays a list of custom made reports configured for your survey.

Custom reports are designed to display specific aspects of your survey data in an organised, professional report.

You can build your own custom reports or alternatively have PocketSurvey build your reports for you.

Custom Crosstab Reports

The Custom Crosstab Reports menu displays all of the custom reports you have built (or PocketSurvey have built for you) using the Cross Tab Wizard.

Reports | Report Builder

The Report Builder is an exclusive feature of the PS Data Manager that lets you create your own reports using a unique point and click interface.

Reports | Adhoc Report

The Reports | Adhoc Report is a standard report that will generate a structured overview of your survey data.

The Adhoc Report can be edited using the Report Builder.

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