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The Settings menu displays a list of settings that perform various functions within the PS Data Manager.

Settings | Support Reminder

The Settings | Support Reminder menu option turns the 'out of support' message on or off. When your user support contract expires you will be reminded to renew your support once the PS Data Manager is launched. If you do not intend to renew your support you can turn off this message via this menu option.

Settings | Shared Database Mode

The Settings | Shared Database Mode menu option allows others to access the data you are using. If the shared database mode is activated, any user can access a database.

Settings | Narrow Columns

The Settings | Narrow Columns menu option makes all columns in your database as narrow as the data will allow.

Settings | Action Bar

The Settings | Action Bar menu option enables or disables the Data Manager's Action Bar. Provides a menu bar that organises different modules and features into easy to use buttons. The Action Bar is normally customised by Handheld Systems Ltd as part of a survey module. Contact Handheld Systems for further information.

Settings | Navigator

Selecting Settings | Navigator opens the Data Navigator tool which helps to locate and select records within a large database. Specific aspects of your data can be pinpointed in a database by using our tree classifier to single out your data.

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