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The Settings menu displays a list of settings that perform various functions within the PS Data Doctor.

Settings | Show Tips

The Settings | Show Tips menu option enables the tips feature, providing pop-up messages giving you information about what each option does.

Settings | Support Reminder

The Settings | Support Reminder menu option turns the 'out of support' message on or off. When your user support contract expires you will be reminded to renew your support when PocketSurvey Reporter is launched. If you do not intend to renew your support you can turn off this message via this menu option.

Settings | Narrow Columns

The Settings | Narrow Columns menu option resizes all of the columns in the Data Doctor to wrap around the longest amount of text in each column.

Turning off the Narrow Columns menu option causes the far right column in the Data Doctor to resize and adjust to the rest of the on screen space.

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