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The Tools menu shows additional tools available to you from the PS Data Manager.

You can learn more about each Tools option in this chapter.

Tools | PS Data Doctor

The Tools | PS Data Doctor menu option launches the PS Data Doctor. The software suite includes a program called PS Data Doctor which allows the editing of control files. It stores this information as comma separated values (CSV files). Using Data Doctor to edit tables is similar to using Microsoft Excel, but it is done in a more controlled environment. PS Data Doctor can also provide basic statistical analysis of the data held in CSV files.

Tools | Collection

Tools | Collection directs you to the PS Survey Manager console ready to start collecting data. The PS Survey Manager is the hub of the system allowing you to manage the whole survey process.

Tools | Script Editor

Clicking Tools | Script Editor launches the Script Editor that enables you to edit and update your saved script files.

Tools | Backup

The Tools | Backup menu option automatically creates backup files for your current survey. CSV  files will be created within your survey folder containing all of your current survey data.

Tools | Edit Control Files

The Tools | Edit Control Files menu option launches the control file script in the PS Data Doctor. Here you can tell the Data Manager which controls to use or turn off.

Select a Control File from the list and enter "Y" or "N" in the 'Use' column to turn an action on or off.

Tools | Edit Report Templates

The Tools | Edit Report Templates menu option prompts you to select a report template to edit in MS Word.

To display a survey question answer in your report, enter the question name in double curly braces ().

Tools | Open Survey Folder

The Tools | Open Survey Folder menu option opens the survey folder window where the current survey is saved to.

Tools | Reorganise Database

The Tools | Reorganise Database menu option provides you with a checklist of functions that aim to reorganise your database structure.

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