PS Data Doctor
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The software suite includes a program called the PS Data Doctor which allows the editing of control files.

The PS Data Doctor is an easy to use, highly flexible survey reporting system that is the perfect complement to the PocketSurvey survey management system.

Using the Data Doctor to edit tables is similar to using Microsoft Excel, but it is done in a more controlled environment. Information is stored as comma separated values (CSV files).

The PS Data Doctor can also provide basic statistical analysis of the data held in CSV files.

Just below the title bar area of the screen you will see the menubar, which gives you access to all the functions available within the PocketSurvey system.

Below the menubar you will see a toolbar of buttons for the frequently used actions within the PS Data Doctor system.

Below the toolbar is the main data area displaying all of your collected data.

There are alternative views available in the Data Doctor that change the interface of the main data area. These are the Form view and the Drilldown view.

Feature Overview

There are many useful and unique features in the PS Data Doctor, a few of these are described below.

X-Tab Stats Analyst

Produce precise, informative reports in less than a dozen lines of code. Did we say CODE? If that puts you off then use our X-Tab Statistical Analyst to produce the report template for you! PocketSurvey is so powerful it can produce its own report specification.

Report templates can be produced by anyone - no knowledge of databases, programming, or any IT skills are required. Simply answer a few questions about what kind of report you would like and then let the X-Tab Reporter do the rest. In minutes you have a report program that would take days to produce by any other means.

Interactive Reports

No need to make your reports fixed and prescriptive. The PS Data Doctor has features that allow users to decide each time they request a report exactly what they want in the report and how they want it to look. End-user reporting has never been this easy!

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