PS Data Doctor Toolbar
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The PS Data Doctor Toolbar provides buttons for quick and easy access to frequently used actions within the PS Data Doctor.


The New button opens a new PS Data Doctor File


The Open button opens an existing PS Data Doctor File


The Save button saves your PS Data Doctor File


The Excel button presents the current data in the Data Doctor database in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


The X-Tab button executes the X-Tab Stats Analyst. Here you can analyse your data through creating custom designed reports and graphs.


The Report button displays the different reports available to you.

Reports built using the X-Tab Stats Analyst are available from the Reports button.


The Form button displays the currently highlighted record in the database in a Data Form viewer. The Data Form displays field names and their data in rows rather than the column view seen in the PS Data Doctor database.


The Drilldown button switches to the Drilldown View.

See Using the Drilldown Engine for more information.


The Help button launches the PS Data Doctor User Manual.


The Exit button closes the PS Data Doctor

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