PS Data Manager
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The PS Data Manager is the easiest and most flexible survey database and reporting system that you will ever use. It is the perfect complement to the PS Survey Manager since it configures itself automatically to the survey design you are using.

Just below the title bar area of the screen you will see the Menubar, which gives you access to all the functions available within the PS Data Manager.

Below the menubar you will see a Toolbar of buttons for the frequently used actions within the PS Data Manager.

Below the toolbar you will see a Viewbar that allows you to select and create both pre-set and custom filtered views of your data.

The Action Bar (available on request) is a user specific feature that provides the user with customised menu buttons that perform various operations and functions within the Data Manager.

There are two key Data Areas within the Data Manager. Below the toolbar you will see two window panes displaying your collected data.

Feature Overview

There are many useful and unique features in the PS Data Manager, a few of these are described below.

Interactive Reports 

Reports can be produced by anyone - no knowledge of databases, programming, or any IT skills are required. Simply answer a few questions about what kind of report you would like and then let PS Data Manager do the rest. In minutes you have a report program that would take days to produce by any other means. 

No need to make your reports fixed and prescriptive. PS Data Manager has features that allow users to decide exactly what they want in each report and how they want each requested report to look. End-user reporting has never been this easy!

Flexible Data Exports

Most other data capture and reporting systems consume your data and never let you have it back. There is usually no technical reason for this - the motivation is not only to capture your data but also to capture you!

We at PocketSurvey believe that this is unethical. ALL data produced and used by PocketSurvey systems are available in commonly used standard formats, e.g. CSV and XML, allowing you to migrate and use other systems when you decide - not us.

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