PS Data Manager Action Bar
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The Action Bar (available on request) is a feature of the PS Data Manager that provides the user with a number of customised menu buttons performing various operations and functions within the Data Manager.

The Main Menu button displays a list of all of the sub menus available on the Action Bar.

These sub menus can be categorized into 3 different areas, custom, survey and interface.

The Action Bar also features a few other buttons.

Portfolio Report

The Portfolio Report button featured on the Action Bar Main Menu produces a highly proffesional and ready made portfolio report using data from the currently selected records in your database.

Data View

The Data View button provides you with a menu listing all of the data views available to you in the Data Manager. For more information on data views see PS Data Manager Viewbar.

Housing Exports

The Housing Exports button allows you export your data to a number of different systems. This includes Comino, IBS, EPM and also the PocketSurvey Team (if you need us to take a look at your data).

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