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The Filter Wizard allows you to select a view to edit in the PS Data Doctor. The views listed are custom views defined for you by PocketSurvey.

Edit Views List

When you select the filter wizard feature you will be prompted with the dialog, 'Edit Views List'. The Views List is a CSV file that lists all of the different views created for your survey.

If you want to remove a view from your viewbar, make sure the value in the Use column reads 'N'.

To add a view enter the details of your view here; the View Name and Description. Save your CSV file and your view will be available to edit in the Select View to Edit menu.

Select View to Edit

Following the Edit Views List dialog you will be prompted to select a view to edit. If you have just created a view using the Views List, you now must select this view to specify which fields you want to display.

The View to Edit CSV file lists all of the field names used in your survey. The Active column allows you to decide which fields you wish to display in this view (Y) and which to hide (N). If a * is present, all fields that follow will automatically be displayed.

The Sort column allows you to display your data according to a particular field in the survey.

The Match column filter allows you to filter your data using a specific question answer. For example (in the screenshot above) we are creating a "Surveyed" view that will only display surveyed data. To acheive this the Status column has been Match filtered using the word "Surveyed". This means that this view be restricted to displaying records that have answered "Surveyed" to the Status question.

Now you can select the view "Surveyed" from the Data Manager Viewbar. Notice that the Status field has a red dot on it and all of its contents read 'Surveyed'. This tells you that this column has a filter turned on.

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