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The PS Data Manager Right Click Menu pops up when you right click in the data window panes. The options available from this popup menu are descibed below.


The Find/Replace feature allows you to replace one value in the database with another. When the Find/Replace menu option is selected the Find/Replace dialog is opened. To use this dialog you need to enter the text you wish to match into the text area labelled ‘Find What’.


The Form menu option switches between tabular and the tripane form view (See PS Data Manager Data Areas).


The Duplicate menu option allows you to duplicate selected records in a database. When you select the Duplicate option from the Right Click Menu a dialog will open asking how many duplicates you wish to create. Enter the appropriate number and selected number of duplicates will be created.


When a parent record is duplicated all of its children (lines in the bottom window) are also duplicated.

You will know if a parent record is a duplicate because the clone icon will be displayed on that line .


The Delete menu option allows you to delete the lines currently selected in PS Data Manager. If you select a line in the Top window pane all of its children in the Bottom window pane will also be deleted.


When you delete data in PS Data Manager the data will still be present in the database, however it will not be used by any reports. A deleted record will have the deleted icon next to it.

To totally remove deleted information from your database, select Data | DB Operations | Purge from the menu.

At any time before you 'Purge’ the database you can recover deleted information by using the Undelete option.


The UnDelete menu option restores all selected items marked for deletion. If an item is marked as ‘Deleted’ you can undelete this information. To do this select the deleted line(s) and select ‘UnDelete’ from the Right Click Menu.


If you choose to ‘UnDelete’ a record in the Top window all of that record's 'children' will also be undeleted.

Quick Reports

Quick Reports are built for you automatically. You simply select the view you want to display your data in, select the records you want to display and then choose the appropriate quick report from the drop down menu. The Quick Report works with the PS Data Manager Viewbar by only printing the records that are displayed according to the viewbar.

Print Verification Report

The Print Verification Report is a standard output that prints all of the survey information for all of the properties on display in the Data Manager.

Print Selection

The Print Selection menu option prints the currently selected records. The selected records are exported to an automatically formatted Excel spreadsheet document and printed from here in spreadsheet format.

Print Top View

The Print Top View menu option prints all of the data in the Top Window Pane to an Excel spreadsheet. Records  are printed in spreadsheet format.

Print Bottom View

The Print Bottom View menu option prints all of the data in the Bottom Window Pane to an Excel spreadsheet. Records are printed in this spreadsheet format.

Print Merged View

The Print Merged View menu option prints all of the data in the database to an Excel spreadsheet. Both Top View and Bottom View records are merged into a formatted Excel spreadsheet.

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