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The PS Data Manager Toolbar provides buttons for quick and easy access to frequently used actions within the PS Data Manager.

Open DB

The Open DB button allows you to open a different database. Clicking this button opens the standard Windows file dialog allowing you to browse your local and network drives to locate any survey database.


The Report button opens a pull down menu.

The Report Builder lets you create your own reports using a unique point and click interface.

The Reports menu lists all available reports you have created including the Adhoc Report.


The Navigator button opens the Data Navigator tool which can locate records within a large database. Specific aspects of your data can be pinpointed within a database through using the Classifier to single out your data.


The Form button toggles the PS Data Manager display mode from tabular view to the tripane form view.

In the Form view the top and bottom windows are still present, but there is an extra window at the right of the screen. Form view allows us to select a row of data from the top window or bottom window. The data relating to our selection is now displayed in this new area in a vertical form.


The Collection button opens the PS Survey Manager. PS Survey Manager allows you to manage communications between your handheld computer and your desktop.


The Merge button merges the data collected by the PS Survey Manager with the data already present in the PS Data Manager database.

When you open a PS Data Manager database the system checks if any recent survey data has been received into PocketSurvey and prompts you to import this into the Data Manager. If data already exists you will be asked if you want to merge the new data with the existing database.

Any changes to the survey structure could result in newly imported data being incompatible with the existing database.


The Backup button creates a backup of all the data in the Data Manager. Data is backed up in .CSV format. You should use this button regularly!


The Help button launches the PS Data Manager Help file.


The Exit button simply closes the PS Data Manager.

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