PS Data Manager Data Areas
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The PS Data Manager is unique in that it presents all your data on the screen in a highly interactive display using two window panes.

Top Window Pane

The Top Window Pane displays the important details relating to the building captured in the first part of your survey. Each row shows a different building.

Bottom Window Pane

The Bottom Window Pane displays details of the elements captured in the main part of your survey for each building record in your survey. Each row shows a different element.

Field Names

Field Names are displayed at the top of each window pane. By clicking on a field name heading you can sort the data  in the database through that field.

The green arrow next to the column name indicates that the column has been sorted. The arrow is pointing downwards indicating that the values in the column will be sorted in ascending order i.e. A to Z. If the column name were clicked again the arrow would point upwards indicating that the rows were sorted in descending order i.e. Z to A.

For more on sorting data in the Data Manager see Column Filtering.

Form View

Click the Form button to use the tripane form view.

The Form view rearranges the main data area into a tripane view more suited to data input.

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