PS Data Manager Viewbar
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All survey data is stored in two tables. The PS Data Manager Viewbar allows you to restrict the information that is displayed on screen and focus on specific aspects of your data. You can have many views of your data allowing you to focus on different aspects.

If the view 'None' is selected (as shown above) then the Data Manager will always display all of your survey data.

Changing Views

There are two ways to change views in the Data Manager.

The Data View button situated on the Action Bar displays a menu of all of the different views that are available to you.

The Viewbar, located directly beneath the toolbar is a drop down menu displaying all of the views available to your survey.

Editing Views

A number of pre-built views are available in the system, but if you have an appropriate licence, and you are an advanced user, you can edit and create new views using our Filter Wizard feature.

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