Record Operations Exercise
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Notes: Record Operations Exercise

You are going to learn about the key record operations, Duplicate, Delete and UnDelete.

  1. In the Data Manager, right click on a parent record in the top window of your database.
  2. Notice the grouped menu within the Right Click Menu, Duplicate, Delete and UnDelete. Select Duplicate
  3. You will be prompted by a window asking you 'How Many?' duplicates you require. Enter "2" and click OK.

Notice that there are two records in your database with blue icons to their left. Records with blue icons are duplicate records. All duplicate records will remain blue within the database to remind you they are a copy of an existing record.

  1. Right click on a record in the top window of your database area and select Delete from the Right Click Menu.
  2. The Deletion Check window will ask you to confirm your deletion. Click Yes.

Notice the record is still in your database and that it now has a red 'x' icon next to it. Select the parent record and notice all of its child data in the bottom window has also been marked for deletion.

  1. Right click the parent record marked for deletion in the top window and select UnDelete.
  2. The deletion check window will once again prompt you to confirm this action. Click Yes.
  3. The record has now been restored to the database and is no longer marked for deletion.

To learn more about deleting records from the database follow our Deleting Records tutorial.

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