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The Report Builder is an exclusive feature of the PS Data Manager that lets you create your own reports using a unique point and click interface. Simply choose the data you want to report on by selecting from various data fields or menus.


The Title area is where you give your report a title. Once saved this survey name will be displayed in the Report Script area.


In the Description area you can write a longer description and/or any extra details about the survey. If you leave this field blank, a default description describing the selections will appear on your report. This can be overcome by entering a space in the Description field using the spacebar.

Report Script

The Report Script area to the left of the builder lists all of the reports you have created. Your saved custom reports also feature on the Reports Toolbar and Reports Menubar in the PS Data Manager.

What Sections to Report On

This area provides you with a sectional breakdown of your survey. Here you can choose different sections of your survey to report on by simply ticking the boxes.

What Selection Criteria to Display

Allows you to selectively report on your data by choosing your own filters from pulldown menus.

Selection criteria is assigned to different survey questions / elements so that your report will only display the relevant data from a database.

What Fields to Display

Select the Property and Element fields you wish to display in your report.

Property fields include single item data (Top window of the Data Manager).

Element fields include multiple item data (Bottom window of the Data Manager).


Select the areas of your survey you want to total in your report.

The Totals area allows you to choose which fields to automatically total or count in the report.

Beneath the Totals menu you can select whether to produce a detailed or summary report.


Determines how your reports will be produced, By Record or Categorised. Reports can be created for individual records through ticking By Record. You can also categorise your data into sections across your whole property portfolio.

Output as

The Output as menu lets you choose how you want to display your report.

All output types allow the printing of your report.


Displays your report in a HTML webpage.

MS Word

Displays your report in a Microsoft Word document.

MS Excel

Displays your report in Microsoft Excel.


Selecting USER will force you to pick an output once you have selected to show your report.

Common Buttons

There are a number of commonly featured buttons situated in the bottom left hand corner of the Report Builder.

Show Report

Generates your report according to the settings in the Report Builder. Report display formats are specified in the Output As menu.


Saves the current report and adds it to the Report Scripts area.

Save As. . .

Prompts you to save the survey under a different name.


Closes the Report Builder. If you try to close the Report Builder without saving you will be prompted to do so.


Launches the online user manual, the online tutorial, support information, purchasing information, and general information about the PS Data Manager.

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