The Classified View
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We have already seen how to 'drill-down' through categories using the Tree. Taken to its limit any drill-down must eventually arrive at the leaves, or individual data items.

Because the Tree is intended for use as a navigation tool it will always be a condensed version of the actual data. If we wish to see the individual items that comprise groups then we must use the View.

At the bottom right of the View panel is a group of buttons:

Click the Details button to expand the View to show individual data items.

More category columns are now shown. When in summary mode, i.e. Details off, DE tries to keep things simple and does not show columns that are empty or that extend beyond the current depth of the Tree.

Our Bookshop database is quite small, so it is relatively easy to see the extent of each group. However, with larger amounts of data it may be useful to turn Headings on in order to mark the beginnings of each group. Do it now.

Another useful aid to navigation is to highlight a category in the Tree; doing so will mark and scroll the category's summary line into view.

Tip 1: Double-clicking an aggregate line in the View will expand or collapse categories at that level. This allows you to drill-down in situ.

Tip 2: Double-clicking a detail line in the View will highlight the item in the Data panel.