Reading from a form
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Reading from the current form.

A quick way:

form(This, savevals(termname)),

This gets everything that is on the form and saves each item in an iternal database.

But not all items are saved:

Standard button items are not saved.

static text is not saved. If this is a problem then use an 'edit' item set to 'readonly'.

disabled controls are not saved.

Getting individual values from the 'savevals' database:

form(This, getval(termname, "Edit1", Val)),

Setting individual values to the 'savevals' database:

form(This, setval(termname, "Edit1", Val)),

Clearing all values saved under a given termname:

       form(This, clearvals(termname)),

or, to clear everything:

       form(This, clearvals(_)),

Reading from another, concurrent, form.

You need to know the Context