Form position
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Position = [ pos(X), pos(Y), pos(CX), pos(CY) ],

A form requires a position. This is a list that describes the X, Y, Cx, and Cy coordinates.

An example of the most basic form is:

        Position = [ pos(X), pos(Y), pos(CX), pos(CY) ],

If you want to use the form as a sub-form in a in a user-resizable parent form then you may want to anchor parts of the form to the opposite edge (right or bottom). To do this use 'posa(...', e.g.

        Position = [pos(153),pos(5),posa(140),posa(140)]

An alternative is to resize the form proportionally (althought I can't think why anyone would want to). To do this use posr(..., e.g.

        Position = [posr(100),pos(45),posa(40),posr(12)],

There are some special positions that are exclusive to form positioning. They are:

       "centrescreen" | "centrewindow" | "centrecursor"

These replace the X and Y positions in the list, e.g.

       Position = [ "centrescreen", pos(140),pos(120)],