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The main PS Mobile screen features a set of toolbar buttons to help you use PocketSurvey effectively. The operation of these toolbar buttons is summarised below.

Run Button

The Run button lists all the surveys currently present on your handheld. To run a particular survey, simply click the Run button and then select the name of the survey.

The Run button also has an option to exit the program. Please note that you can only do this when a survey has been completed. You cannot exit PocketSurvey part of the way through a survey, this is to protect the integrity of your data.

Net Button

The Net button has options to receive new surveys and data via the Internet, send your collected data back via the Internet and control the Internet settings.


The Send menu option will upload all the data collected so far for all your surveys to your chosen central web server. Since this is done using a special method called FTP transfer you must establish an Internet connection on your handheld before sending data.


The Receive menu option will download new surveys, lookup reference data and documentation from your chosen central web server. Since this is done using a special method called FTP transfer you must establish an Internet connection on you handheld before receiving new work.


The Connect menu option connects your handheld to the internet if you have the required access available.If you are having trouble using the send or receive options you should check that you have a good connection to the Internet.


The Settings menu option defines your chosen central server for sending and receiving data via an Internet connection.

The User field allows you to input a user name which will be used to logon to the central server.

The Password field allows you to enter a password that will be required to gain access to the central server.

The Server field allows you to name the central sever you wish to logon to. This can also be set to an IP address such as if you company firewall does not permit access to named sites.

The Folder field allows you to specify the location where data will be sent to and received from. Normally each person using PocketSurvey will use a different folder.

Your in-house technical support team should be able to advise you on these settings if you are using your own company web site. If you are using a web server service from Handheld Systems Ltd please us for advice on these settings.

Tools Button

The Tools button has some useful functions such as pasting text into your questions, changing the font size, settings (GPS & Backup) showing question numbers, displaying the licensed user information and access to the online help.


The Paste menu option This will paste previously copied clipboard text into you input area. It is useful for you to learn the keyboard shortcuts you can use with the virtual keyboard:
CTL  + C will copy from a selected area of the screen and CTL + V will paste into the current input area.

Show Question Numbers

Selecting the Show Question Numbers menu option will show the question numbers at the beginning of each question prompt. If you have multiple sections in a survey the section number will also be shown as ‘section.question’ (e.g. 2.2). In fact a hierarchical numbering system is used to show where about you are in a survey, so a question could have a number such as etc.

Licensed User

Selecting the Licensed User menu option brings up a window which shows whom PocketSurvey is licensed to. If this does not show the correct license information you should de-install PocketSurvey from your handheld and re-install from your desktop software.


The Settings menu allows you to configure the mobile device to work with external software.

The GPS Port field requires a communications port for your GPS device. You are required to select a communications port in order for an external GPS device to be recognised by your handheld device. If you are having trouble with this check your GPS device owner manual.

The Camera Name field requires you to enter the name of the camera connected to the handheld device (if the camera has a name) so that it can be recognised by PocketSurvey.

The Picture Path field prompts you to specify the directory / folder you want your camera pictures to be saved to. Pictures are sent to your computer when the survey data is sent back to PocketSurvey, or alternatively can be sent via the Internet whilst on site.

The Delay Backup tool changes the way your data is backed up whilst on site. Freshly surveyed data is typically backed up onto your handheld device's memory card after each individual property has been surveyed. Alternatively, if the Delay Backup box is checked all of your data collected on site will be backed up after you have selected the 'Quit' button. This tool is effective when surveying a number of properties in quick succession as no time is lost waiting for data to backup, all data is backed up once your day of surveying is complete.

The Delay Backup feature is not recommended for surveying property unless deemed absolutely neccessary.


The Help menu option launches the online help using Pocket Internet Explorer. The button bar that appears when you are viewing help is shown below. See your Pocket PC documentation for full details on how to use Pocket Internet Explorer. 


The most useful option is the view command that lets you control how the help information is displayed on your screen.

Show / Hide Keyboard

The Show / Hide Keyboard button gives you the option of displaying or hiding the keyboard input on your PDA screen.

Font Size Buttons

The two Font Size Buttons with A+ and A- control the size of your screen font. Use these buttons to adjust the screen to suit your own preferences.

Random Button

The Random Button is the icon with two curved arrows that allows you to toggle your survey into random or normal mode. Use this to force your survey into random mode, even if the normal mode of the survey has been designed to be directed. The random button is only for experienced surveyors who want to break out of a directed section to quickly recheck previous answers.

Tap this button and the survey will enter random mode after the next question is answered. To return to normal mode, tap the button again, and after answering the next question the survey will return to normal mode.

Generally it is not recommended that you leave a survey half finished, as this will compromise the integrity or your results! However, there may be times when you wish to break out of a directed section in order to answer questions in random mode.

To return to normal mode again, tap the random button and after answering the next question the survey will return to normal mode.

Data Viewer Button

Tap the Data Viewer Button to see the data you have collected at a glance. You will see a mini split screen spreadsheet view.

Help Button

The Help Button is the '?' icon which launches the online help using Pocket Internet Explorer.

Exit Button

The Exit Button is the little cross on the right hand side and will exit and unload PocketSurvey from memory. Please note that you should only use this when a survey has been completed. If you try to exit PocketSurvey part way through a survey you will see a warning message, this is to protect the integrity of your data.

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