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First Question

All surveys must have at least one starting question to uniquely identify the answers to a set of questions (Survey Identifier). For example, if doing a customer satisfaction survey the first question could be the respondent's name or the house being surveyed in the case of a stock condition survey.


One of the nice features of PocketSurvey is the ability to break your survey questionnaire into sections. A section can contain other sections as well as questions these are called nested sections.

Directed Sections present questions to the user one after the other.

Random Sections allow users to choose their own order for answering questions or the user needs to answer a question multiple times.

Form Sections display multiple questions on a single scrollable screen.

Survey End

To exit a survey you really need to answer all the questions, but if you are in a random section the done button will exit the current section and eventually exit the survey if you keep clicking it. However, you will be forced to answer any mandatory questions or sections along the way!

At the end of the survey you can run the survey again or QUIT and be prompted to choose to run a different survey.

In this way you can keep collecting data for one or more surveys. The collected data is only removed from the handheld when you receive results from the desktop software or send data back via the Internet.

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