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In total 6 button types control the navigation though a survey. Because you can back track and move around the survey in a random fashion PocketSurvey is one of the easiest systems available.


One of the nice features of PocketSurvey is the ability to break your survey questionnaire into sections. A section can contain other sections as well as questions these are called nested sections.

Directed Sections present questions to the user one after the other.

Random Sections allow the user to choose their own order for answering questions or the user needs to answer a question multiple times.

Form Sections display multiple questions on a single scrollable screen.

Furthermore, a section can be mandatory, where the user must enter or visit the section. A section can also be optional, where the user can leave the survey without answering the questions.

Section Icons

indicates an optional directed section

.indicates an optional random section.

indicates a mandatory random section.

indicates an mandatory directed section

Question Types

A full range of question types is available to cater for every surveying need.

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