Random Sections
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A Random Section containing questions is shown below. Random sections are very useful when the user needs to choose their own order for answering questions or the user needs to answer a question multiple times — for example to collect data on repeating elements or assets of a property.

Done Button

When you are in a random section the Done Button will exit the current section and eventually exit the survey if you keep clicking it. However, you will be forced to enter any mandatory questions or sections along the way.

Recheck Button

When you are in a random section you can recheck a previously answered question by selecting the question and then clicking the Recheck Button. You can then delete or modify the answer to a question.

Answered Questions

In the screen shot below you can see a number or questions listed in the random section called ‘KITCHEN’. You will notice some of the questions have a square around the “blob”, this indicate that the question has already been answered.


Clicking the diamond icon at the end of the list of questions and then clicking enter is the same as clicking the done button.

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