Designing Surveys with PocketSurvey
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This PocketSurvey tutorial is suitable for users who cannot attend our training courses in England. Although it has 28 exercises it still only covers the basics of survey design! Our classroom training course takes place over two days and covers most of the features in the full PS Developer module including the PS Data Manager database.

This tutorial covers the Lite edition of the PS Survey Developer, it is very powerful but does not cover the advanced feature available in the Pro edition. Start now with lesson 1

For you convenience this course is split into four weeks - but in reality you can do it much quicker than that. The first week covers the basic features available in all software editions. The subsequent weeks cover more advanced topics and features that may only be available in the Enterprise Edition of PocketSurvey.

This course introduces you to survey design and the day-to-day operations of collecting data from Pocket PCs. After this course you will be able to create and amend your own survey systems from beginning to end! Any key terms that you should take heed of will be written in UPPERCASE.

Before you start exploring PocketSurvey you need to be familiar with some basic Microsoft Windows terms and operations. If you are unsure about any of these listed below, please refer to your Microsoft Windows documentation.

Key Microsoft Terms & Operations

You will receive the first PocketSurvey lesson in about an hour. In the meantime we suggest you get familiar with opening PocketSurvey from the WINDOWS START MENU or the DESKTOP ICON that is created after you install PocketSurvey.

Once you have opened PocketSurvey you should familiarise yourself with the MENUBAR and associated MENU ITEMS, and the TOOLBAR BUTTONS. The MENUBAR is just below the WINDOW TITLE area and the TOOLBAR BUTTONS are just below the menu bar. Do the following.

1. Hover over each TOOLBAR BUTTON in turn and you will see a TOOL TIP and also a longer message in the STATUS area at the bottom of the MAIN WINDOW.

2. Click the FILE on the MENUBAR to open the FILE menu. Then move the cursor down each MENU ITEM noticing the STATUS line at the bottom of the MAIN WINDOW.

3. Now explore ALL the other MENU ITEMS in the same way so, when we tell you to choose HANDHELD | INSTALL from the MENUBAR, you can find it quickly.

The last three tasks may be simple to some users, but you would be surprised how many users fail to explore the MENU items when they get a new program. Each day of this course will get harder so stick with it if you want to learn the most advanced survey design tool available!

The best way to learn any new software tool is to use your mouse to explore MENUS, BUTTONS and SCREEN DIALOGS... above all experiment by being active... don't just sit there looking at the screen!


Remember to SAVE your work frequently and never SHUTDOWN your computer without closing PocketSurvey with the EXIT button first.

If you have any queries, comments or suggestions about PocketSurvey or this tutorial please email

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