Day 13: Nested Menus
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In the last lesson we asked you to use the MESSAGE question including some basic HTML functions. If you have not done that, go back and do it now before continuing with this lesson.

This lesson will show you how to use NESTED MENUS within the MENU question.


Now do the following.

    1. Create a new survey and save it “Day 13”. Change the QUESTION PROMPT in QUESTION ZERO so that it reads “Name”, making sure it remains a TEXT question.

    1. In the MAIN SECTION add a MENU question of “Do you like wine?” with two choices of “Yes” and “No”. INSERT the question.

    1. Click at the diamond and create another MENU question this time entitled “Red or White”. Add choices of “Red” and “White” and INSERT. Remember to always check the DATA DESTINATION FILE.

    1. Create a third MENU question with the question prompt “Preferred White Wine”. Create two choices, “Sparkling” and “Non-Sparkling”. INSERT this question.

    1. Add another MENU question and title it “Preferred Wine”. Add three choices of “Australian”, “French” and “South American”. To the right of the CHOICE menu you will notice a menu box titled NESTED MENUS. This feature allows you to create menus within menus. It is a succesful method of breaking one big question broken down into smaller sub questions.

    1. Click NEW in the NESTED MENUS column and you will notice your menu choices disappear. Clicking NEW allows you to add multiple menus within one MENU question.

When you run the survey you will be prompted with each menu in this question in hierarchical order, so NESTED MENU “1” will be followed by NESTED MENU “2” unless the menu is otherwise informed. Enter the following popular red wines from around the world as choices in your NEW nested menu:

“Cabernet Sauvignon”




“Pinot Noir”

“Pinot Meunier”



    1. INSERT the question.

    1. We will now use the VALIDATION feature of NESTED MENUS to ensure that when a country is selected, the following menu will only display the popular wines from that region. Beneath the NESTED MENUS column click the box next to the button VALIDATION. Now click the VALIDATION button. A box will pop up listing the three countries you entered earlier. Double clicking on each county will show you the menu choices you will be prompted with after selecting that country. VALIDATION allows you to edit what types of wine you will be prompted with for each country you select. In AUSTRALIA select MERLOT and then click the INVALID button. Do the same for MALBEC, PINOT MEUNIER and SYRAH so that these choices are removed from the list if AUSTRALIA is selected. In the FRENCH nested menu set MALBEC, SYRAH and SHIRAZ as INVALID. In SOUTH AMERICAN set PINOT MEUNIER, SHIRAZ and ZINFANDEL as INVALID. CLOSE the validation window and INSERT the question.

    1. When you run the survey you will be prompted with the question “Do you like wine”. If you click YES we will continue with the survey, but if you click “No” you shouldn’t be asked anymore of the questions. You can make this possible using the JUMP TO feature in the MENU question. Next to your menu choice “No” click in the JUMP TO column. Select END OF SECTION.

    1. The outcome of the question RED OR WHITE should also lead to different questions in the survey. If the user selects RED it is important that the next question PREFERRED WHITE WINE is skipped. Set the JUMP TO menu at RED to PREFERRED WINE. Now the question is set up so that when you select RED wine you will jump to the PREFERRED WINE question. If you select WHITE wine you will then be prompted with the final question regarding white wine entitled PREFERRED WHITE WINE.

    1. After the PREFERRED WHITE WINE question create a MESSAGE question with the question prompt “Preferred White”. In the TEXT TO DISPLAY box enter the following:

You prefer a {{Preferred White Wine}} {{Red or White}} Wine

    1. Now when the PREFERRED WHITE WINE question is answered you will be prompted with a MESSAGE.

After this message has been displayed the survey complete. Create a JUMP question with the question prompt “Jump” and set its JUMP TO parameter to END OF SECTION.

    1. Finally you need to create a MESSAGE question for when RED wine is selected. Name this question “Preferred Red” and enter the following text in the TEXT TO DISPLAY box:

You prefer a {{Red or White}} {{Country}} wine

INSERT the message and SAVE your survey.

    1. Click RUN and try completing the survey using all of the different pathways you have created. The MESSAGE displayed at the completion of each survey will detail your preferred wine choice.

The next lesson will cover the DATA DOCTOR including its main uses and functions.

Final Tip

Know the difference between using NESTED MENUS and MENU questions. Remember NESTED menus are best suited to breaking one big question down into multiple smaller questions allowing you to cover a topic in more depth.

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