Day 14: Data Doctor
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In the last lesson we asked you to use NESTED MENUS within the MENU question. If you have not done that, go back and do it now before continuing with this lesson.

This lesson will show you how to use and navigate around the DATA DOCTOR.


The PS DATA DOCTOR is essentially a simplified version of Microsoft Excel. It also contains the STATS ANALYST, which allows you to build statistical reports from your data.

Now do the following.

    1. Open the survey you created on Day 11 of this tutorial 'Day 11'. Create a copy of the survey under a different name. Name the survey 'Day 14'.

    1. RUN the survey and follow it through until it is complete. Click QUIT on the HANDHELD and RECEIVE your data back into PocketSurvey.

    1. Now on the TOOLBAR click TOOLS | QUICK EDITOR | “Day 14single item”. This will launch and display your data in the DATA DOCTOR.

    1. In the DATA DOCTOR you will see the question names from the survey displayed as the column headings. Your collected data will be displayed on a single row. You can edit your data by double clicking in a cell.

    1. Close the DATA DOCTOR and RUN your survey again. Complete the survey by entering a new set of data. QUIT the HANDHELD and RECEIVE your results back into PocketSurvey. You will be prompted with a WARNING message informing you that data files already exist. Click APPEND so that this newly collected data will be added to any existing data you have previously collected.

    1. Now RUN the DATA DOCTOR to view your new and old data together on the same spreadsheet. You can run the survey as many times as you require in order to build up a collection of data however there is a quicker and easier process better suited for survey testing purposes.

    1. In the DATA DOCTOR click on any row of data you have collected. Select DATA | FORM from the TOOLBAR or click the FORM button from the DATA DOCTOR TOOLBAR to bring up the DATA FORM window. Here you can click INSERT to add as many rows of data as you require in no time. They will be duplicate copies of your selected row so you can edit the data in some cells so the data will be more accurate in analysis and reporting. Alternatively you can right click on a row and click COPY. Then select the row at the diamond, right click and select PASTE.

    1. Use the DATA FORM to edit and INSERT 20 different single item records. Make sure each record entered is unique. When you have done this click SAVE and EXIT the DATA DOCTOR. SAVE your survey.

The next lesson you will learn how to use structured and statistical reports to view your data more professionally.

Final Tip

The PS DATA DOCTOR is also your default LOOKUP TABLE editor. Each table can store an infinite amount of data. Certain questions in the survey enable you to locate specific lookup tables which you can learn about in the Advanced PocketSurvey Tutorial.

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