Day 24: Multiple
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In the last lesson we asked you to use lookup tables to build menus within your survey. If you have not done that, go back and do it now before continuing with this lesson.

This lesson will show you how to create and save multiple items within PocketSurvey, and how to view your data in the PS DATA MANAGER.


Now do the following.

    1. Open the survey you created on Day 23 of this tutorial 'Day 23'. Create a copy of the survey under a different name. Name the survey 'Day 24'.

    1. Delete the question Wine Country from the MAIN SECTION of your survey and edit the question 'Favourite wine from {{Wine Country}}' so that it reads Favourite wine.

    1. Click in the COMMON SECTION and create a DIRECTED section with the name WINE. Using CTRL + X, cut the question Serving Temperature from the MAIN SECTION and paste it into the section WINE. Make sure to edit its Lookup details so that Wine Type matches on MAIN SECTION.Favourite wine. Wine Type should be the only matching variable for this question.

    1. Remember when summoning a variable from another section in the survey you must state that sections name within the variable name as shown above.

    1. In the MAIN SECTION select the question Favourite wine. From this question we want to jump to the COMMON SECTION. To do this we must set the data destination file to MULTIPLE ITEMS and then set the FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS START AT menu to WINE.

    1. INSERT a MENU question after Favourite wine with the question prompt Choose another wine?. Add two choices Yes and No. Set up the question so that if Yes is chosen you will JUMP TO Favourite wine. You do not want to save any data from this question so set the data destination file accordingly. MODIFY the question.

    1. Delete the MESSAGE question Preferred Red from the MAIN SECTION. SAVE and RUN your survey on the Handheld/Simulator always answering YES to the question Do you like red wine?. When you have selected a wine you will prompted to choose another. Select Yes and select a different wine. QUIT the survey and RECEIVE your data.

    1. Click TOOLS | QUICK EDITOR | Day 24multiple items to view your collected data in the DATA DOCTOR.

    1. Now click on the DATA button found on PS Designer Toolbar to launch the DATA MANAGER. If your data does not already appear here click the MERGE button in the DATA MANAGER Toolbar. You may notice the DATA MANAGER is split horizontally into an upper and lower window. The upper window displays your single item data and the lower window shows all your multiple item data. If you click on any specific row of data in the upper window you can see the multiple item data for that survey.

The next lesson you will learn all about the COMMON SECTION and how it can be used to build more advanced surveys in PocketSurvey.

Final Tip

Multiple type data items can be forced to be a single instance to enable the single item data to be grouped with other multiple items. This can come in handy when reporting.

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