Day 26: Restore Data
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In the last lesson we asked you to utilize the COMMON section that can be defined once, yet used with different main questions as follow up questions. If you have not done that, go back and do it now before continuing with this lesson.

This lesson will show you how to backup and restore your data when using PocketSurvey.


Now do the following.

    1. Open the survey you created on Day 25 of this tutorial 'Day 25'. Create a copy of the survey under a different name. Name the survey 'Day 26'.

    1. From the PocketSurvey Toolbar select TOOLS | BACKUP. A pop up message will inform you that your survey has been compressed into the file ‘Day 28.PS_BACKUP’ and sent to your surveys folder on your computer. Now delete a few questions in your survey that you will notice are missing. If you can successfully restore your backup file these questions will be fully restored.

    1. It is highly important to backup your data encase anything irreversible happens to a survey you are working on. It is also sensible to save your backup files onto an external hard drive or CD just encase the hard drive you are saving to decides to stop functioning and destroy all of your saved surveys.

    1. Click TOOLS | RESTORE from the toolbar. You will be prompted to locate the backup file. OPEN ‘Day 28.PS_BACKUP’. The pop-up message ‘Overwrite Warning’ informs you that all of the listed files already exist. Select the ‘Tick All’ button to overwrite all the listed files with your backup file and click OK.

    1. A message will inform you that the restoration is complete however you may notice that your survey does not appear any different. You have to re-open the file in order to fully restore the survey that you made a backup of. Click FILE | OPEN and open ‘Day 26’. All original data should be restored.

The next lesson will show you how to create help files and implement them into your survey.

Final Tip

When you create a backup file you are creating a zipped version of a survey. All the information you need is contained within that one backup file. So all you need to generate a survey is a backup file and a copy of PocketSurvey. Always remember to re-load your survey whether it is already open or not when you have restored a backup file.

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