Day 27: Documentation
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In the last lesson we asked you to backup and restore your data when using PocketSurvey. If you have not done that, go back and do it now before continuing with this lesson.

This lesson will show you how to create help files and implement them into your survey.


When writing out your help text in Word, remember that it will be displayed on the much smaller HANDHELD screen so it is helpful to keep your text short.

Now do the following.

    1. Create a new survey and SAVE it as “Day 27”. MODIFY the question prompt of the Survey Identifier to “Name”.

    1. Add a new FORM type section called “PERSONAL DETAILS” and a DIRECTED section named “HEALTH”. In ‘PERSONAL DETAILS’ set up and insert 3 basic questions named “Age”, “Date of Birth” and “Gender”.

    1. In ‘HEALTH’ create 3 MENU questions with question prompts of “Do you eat healthily?” “Are you a smoker?” and “Do you drink alcohol?”. Give these questions menu choices of “Yes” and “No”. Create a 4th question in ‘HEALTH’ with the question prompt “How many hours a week do you exercise?”. Add 5 menu choices “0 – 1” “2 – 4” “5 – 8” “9 - 12” “13 or more”.

    1. Now you have created a basic survey with different sections you can explore the functions of the PS DOCUMENTER. Select TOOLS | PS DOCUMENTER from the PocketSurvey toolbar. This will create a skeleton set of .HTM (Webpage) files for each section within the survey. Close down the Webpage.

    1. Using ‘My Computer’ or ‘Windows Explorer’ you need to locate the folder on your computer where you save your survey. If you are unsure click FILE in the PocketSurvey toolbar and take note of the file locations that appear for your recently opened surveys.

    1. In folder ‘Day 23’ you will notice a DOC file has now been created. Open it to find there is a .HTM file for each section in your survey plus one for the survey as a whole. Right click on the file ‘PERSONAL DETAILS.HTM’ and select OPEN WITH | MICROSOFT WORD. In Word you are able to input and edit any text that you wish to include in your help file. Under the heading ‘Age’ delete the text ‘Notes here’ and type “Only digits required”. Type “Enter in the following format xx/xx/xxx” under the heading ‘Date of Birth’ and lastly type “Select either Male or Female from the drop down box” for ‘Gender’.

    1. SAVE the document and return to PocketSurvey. In the toolbar click HANDHELD | INDIVIDUAL SENDS | SEND DOCUMENTATION. Now RUN your survey on the handheld and click the help button when in the PERSONAL DETAILS section (form) to display your help file.

The next lesson will show you how to make full use of the DATA MANAGER including how it can be used to build and generate complex reports.

Final Tip

If you are comfortable using HTML, you can open the HTM file using NOTEPAD and create the help message in HTML.

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